Pinnacle Accounting

Expatriate Tax Services

Pinnacle Accounting is highly experienced in tax services for United States expats working outside the country and foreign nationals working on American soil. Whether you're working across the border or overseas, we can handle all your tax planning and find ways to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. Call us now at 440-471-0184 to get started or request a consultation online.

Expat Tax Services for United States Citizens

American citizens living abroad must comply with all U.S. tax filing requirements to avoid stiff penalties. We keep up on the constantly changing tax regulations and will make sure you never overpay.

Tax Preparation for United States Expats

We prepare state and federal tax returns for American citizens working in foreign countries. We'll save you money on taxes and keep you in compliance with all current U.S. tax laws.

Late Tax Return Preparation

If you've failed to file your federal or state taxes on time don't panic. We file back taxes for U.S. expats living all over the world and know how to get you up to date quickly.

Non-Resident Tax Preparation

We work hard to minimize taxes and maximize income with our non-resident tax preparation services. Find out how we can keep more U.S. dollars in your pocket.

Inpat Tax Services for Foreign Nationals

For foreign nationals working in the U.S., filing taxes is complicated. We'll prepare your income tax return  and will ensure you are paying the lowest taxes allowed by law.

Foreign Bank Accounting Reporting (FBAR)

U.S. citizens are often required to report their financial interest on foreign bank accounts. We can prepare FBAR correctly and file it electronically on your behalf.