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FBAR Filing Services

FBAR filing services

Filing for a Foreign Bank Accounting Report or FBAR is required for many U.S. citizens and residents with foreign bank accounts, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, trusts, and other types of foreign financial accounts. This is a separate filing from your annual tax return and it's due each year on June 30th.

Filing FBAR is serious business. If you fail to file FBAR or file it incorrectly, you can get hit with high tax penalties and get in trouble with the IRS. Don't leave this important tax document to chance, contact, Pinnacle Accounting for FBAR filing services now.

There are some exceptions to the FBAR reporting requirement including foreign accounts jointly owned by spouses, people included in a consolidated FBAR, IRA owners and beneficiaries, and other circumstances. First, we'll analyze your situation to determine whether or not you're required to file FBAR. If you do need to file, we'll help you collect and organize the appropriate documentation, and will prepare and file the form accurately and on time to avoid penalties.

Help With Delinquent FBAR Filings

The IRS is searching for individuals and businesses that have failed to report foreign income. If your FBAR filing is late, contact Pinnacle Accounting right away. We specialize in helping taxpayers that have neglected to file FBARs for income reported on their tax returns. If the IRS is coming after you for high penalties and interest, don’t try to ignore them, turn to us and we’ll find a way to solve your foreign tax problems before they get out of hand.

Call 440-471-0184 today or request a consultation online to discuss your FBAR needs and make sure you're in compliance with all United States tax laws.