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Tax preparation for expats can be easy! Find out how much we can save you on U.S. expatriate tax services.

U.S. Expatriate Tax Services

As businesses expand globally, the international workforce is faced with unique tax compliance issues. U.S. taxpayers that cross borders and oceans are still required to file federal and sometimes state tax returns. Pinnacle Accounting makes filing taxes easy because we specialize in tax services for U.S. expatriates working, living, or traveling abroad. We also manage tax obligations for inpatriates working on American soil.

As experienced American accountants, we know how to legally reduce your taxes so you keep more of your income. We'll show you how to take advantage of foreign tax credits, housing exclusions, and any other deductions that will decrease the amount of tax you owe. No matter where you are in the world, we'll prepare your United States tax returns in compliance with all current regulations and keep your filings up to date to avoid penalties.

For foreign nationals and non-resident aliens living in the United States, we simplify the process of filing your U.S. taxes. We'll patiently explain how and when your taxes must be filed and will walk you through each step so you'll be confident that all your filings are accurate and on time. 

Contact Pinnacle Accounting now for U.S. expat tax preparation and advice you can trust. We'll learn all we can about your individual financial situation in order to design a customized tax planning strategy that will save you money on taxes.

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Reducing Taxes for U.S. Expats

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